CSH Innovations is the inventor of a revolutionary road safety system for all "Hard to see" road users like Bikes, Motorbikes, Children on play cycles, wheelchairs, motor scooters etc.

Back in the early 1990’s CSHI developed the initial prototype design referred to as Bike Site. In 1996, when being designed and documented the technology was based on a simple RF concept that communicated between transmitter and receiver. The design was developed to the point where a full product design and market research strategy was produced and the invention was advertised. Interested parties entered into confidentiality agreements.

Due to advances in technology CSHI put the innovation on hold during which time a more comprehensive and intelligent embodiment was designed and prototyped, the newer innovation was called Bike Beacon. Several years later a comprehensive Patent document was submitted for provisional Patent application in in parallel with the prototype build . Several prototypes were produced and are part of on going negotiations with potential Exclusive Licensees.

Most recently The current and most technically advanced version of the Innovation is in final design and submission phase, supported by International PCT CSHI is calling this latest model CYC. Soon to be released, CYC will revolutionize Road safety for all road users. CYC operates on a platform that interfaces will all communication levels, its sleek, smart, is seeking Government support and it saves lives.


CSH Innovations


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